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Case Study: Michael Hart Photography

Check out this local boy from DC. Even his static pieces are dynamic.

Since Photoshelter is not kind about relinking arts, check out the rest of his portfolio at Tony_Web_Photo_By_Michael_Hart04.jpg | Michael Hart.

Case Study: Ataata Photo Group

As i’ve been both modeling and photographing again, i’ve been keeping my eye out for pieces that are actually not half bad. The Ataata group are pretty good at their fashion and makeup photography.

You can check out lots more (some not entirely safe for work) at ataata | photo group.

Case Study: Cuson

Cuson | Cgunit – Online Gallery.

Case Study: moxie: Hungry

moxie » Hungry.

SakoShopping: Fuji Instax 210 Wide Format Instant Camera

Man, I love photojojo. Check this out:

Instant photography is back. 😀

It uses 210 film, so it’s just a touch wider than the 600, but with vibrant colors and high quality. (Also, 210 is much easier to find.) It also comes with an attachable closeup lens, which i’m assuming is similar to the one that came on the JoyCam. Takes about 5 minutes to develop, and you don’t have to shake it or put it in your armpit or anything.

What’s even cooler is that it’s roughly 100 bucks with film, and you can get it straight through photojojo.

Via Instant Photos are Back! Presenting the Fuji Instax 210 Wide Format Instant Camera | Photojojo.

Case Study: KONING: Typeworks

KONING – Typeworks.