I’d heard legend of children getting snatched, women getting raped, and good men getting stabbed in the middle of broad daylight in New York City, and the passersby will simply look the other way.

So here’s the story:

Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax, 31 year a homeless Guatemalan immigrant came to the aid of a woman who was being robbed. The robber stabbed Hugo several times in the chest, and collapsed on the sidewalk, where he for far too long and bled to death. The climax of the story: security footage shows that plenty of people walked by his dying/dead body and did nothing… one stopped and took a photo with his cell phone before walking away.

People joke about that kind of attitude in DC, but it wouldn’t take more than a couple minutes for some good hearted Virginian or Marylander to stop and help.

via Dozens Walk Past Dying Hero Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax On New York Sidewalk (VIDEO). Thanks to Mighty Max and Edel, who love NYC way more than I do. And draw way better than me too. Bastards.