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Case Study: Hard Rock Cafe: They Never Left

A technique i’d like to try some time, Hard Rock launched a campaign that shows deceased rock stars still hanging around the places they lived.

via Mircow\’s World: Hard Rock Cafe – They never left.


Sako Shopping/Case Study: Qlocktwo

I’d swear I invented this. WANT.

via Qlocktwo.

Case Study: Read more Books than Blogs

There is a certainly level of paradoxical irony in this.

via 9GAG – Read more Books than Blogs.

Case Study: The Facebook Like/Dislike Button Stamp

There was a time where i’d go through my sketchbook at the end of the week, or the month, and scribble some kind of comment on it if i disliked it for some reason.  “BLEAH TEAR THIS OUT AND TRY AGAIN, STUPID” or something to that effect. I do it now only if i’m really frustrated with a drawing.

The problem with a stamp is that it’s just a little too permanent.

via The Facebook Like/Dislike Button Stamp | Elastika.

Case Study: I <3 GD Typographic Poster

via Flickr Photo Download: Typographic Poster.

Case Study: Hunting Space Invaders

via Hunting Space invaders on the Behance Network.

Case Study: Chemical Party

via Elements Of Awesome – Epic Win FTW -Awesome Photos and Videos.