So you designers might remember the hype about CS5 being in production. It was an exciting time, as we were promised a version of flash that would make it easier for us to code and watch via Flash for the Iphone. You might also remember that this release only lasted a whole week, as Steve Jobs suddenly pulled the carpet out from under us, saying we wouldn’t possibly need it.

Adobe put out that ad campaign that basically said that “they would never limit how we could be creative”.

Well, apparently the iAd TOS allows apple to ludicrously shut Google out entirely. So that’s two major companies that apple has snubbed in as many months. According to the Financial Times, US regulators are planning an antitrust investigation. Downside is we don’t know who is running it, or when it’s happening, or if anything will even come of it, but I know I’ll be keeping an eye out.

It’s no secret that I do all my work and play on PC, not apple, because I like being able to trouble shoot should a problem arise (which is pretty rare). I was assured in art school that “Mac’s never crash!” Now I have Nam-esque flashbacks of college computer labs, and that spinning beachball of death….

via US Targets Apple In iAd Antitrust Probe.