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Case Study: RSA: Interesting Economic studies

Not only is this an interesting example of “dynamic typography”, but it has some interesting content too.

Check out more at The RSA Blog.


News: Case Study: Even the Mannequins look sick.

So we all know that NYC has been a pinnacle of fashion as we know it for a couple of life times. Club Monaco has begun showing these new mannequins in their windows.

Oh hey, that’s not so bad. I’m not emaciated, and i can see my collarbone quite clearly. Then i saw this:

Shoulderblades and spines? Really? That’s not cute on people, fake or not. What the hell, new york. Thank god i’ve always blazed my own fashion trail.

via Club Monaco Mannequins EMACIATED, Collarbones And Spines Show (PHOTOS).

News: US Targets Apple In iAd Antitrust Probe

So you designers might remember the hype about CS5 being in production. It was an exciting time, as we were promised a version of flash that would make it easier for us to code and watch via Flash for the Iphone. You might also remember that this release only lasted a whole week, as Steve Jobs suddenly pulled the carpet out from under us, saying we wouldn’t possibly need it.

Adobe put out that ad campaign that basically said that “they would never limit how we could be creative”.

Well, apparently the iAd TOS allows apple to ludicrously shut Google out entirely. So that’s two major companies that apple has snubbed in as many months. According to the Financial Times, US regulators are planning an antitrust investigation. Downside is we don’t know who is running it, or when it’s happening, or if anything will even come of it, but I know I’ll be keeping an eye out.

It’s no secret that I do all my work and play on PC, not apple, because I like being able to trouble shoot should a problem arise (which is pretty rare). I was assured in art school that “Mac’s never crash!” Now I have Nam-esque flashbacks of college computer labs, and that spinning beachball of death….

via US Targets Apple In iAd Antitrust Probe.


This guy says what many of us designers can’t: “CS4 sucks immense ass: give us back CS3.”

I currently run Win7 and CS4 on my work laptop, and you know what? I can’t really work on it.

1) CS4 hates multitaskers. That retarded “tab image/whole new window if you drag it out” thing is some bullshit and i hate it, especially when editing batches of hundreds of pictures.

2) Poor WACOM is scrambling to figure out why the fuck their older drivers keep getting overlooked by CS4. They figured out in March how to make  my Intuos2 drivers work with Win7. Success! I pop open photoshop, and for some reason, my tablet only works in a tiny, 300×600 area tucked in the upper right corner of my 1366×768 screen. The pressure sensitivity, the buttons, everything else works, but for some reason, the span is doomed to never reach my layers palette. If i tab out of photoshop, my tablet works fine and dandy.

Thankfully, i’ve been lucky enough to have it not crash on me, but this poor guy has.

Godspeed, man. Godspeed.

via Maniacal Rage.

Case Study: Mens Health: 20 Worst Drinks in America 2010

Men’s Health’s “Eat This Not That” segment did a fascinating series of the 20 worst drinks in America and their junkfood equivalents. Some of them might surprise you.

If you’d like to see the other 15, and read what the better alternatives are, hit up the article itself via 20 Worst Drinks in America 2010 | Eat This, Not That.

via Case Study: Mens Health: 20 Worst Drinks in America 2010.

Adobe Vs. Apple

After the hububb over Steve jobs talking about how he feels about flash, Adobe released a campaign that hopes to turn the clientel back to PC.

Some apple fanboy replied:

via Adobe Vs. Apple, The Advertisements – Geekologie.

Case Study: Southend: ilomilo

go go gadget Swedish game company Southend with their xbox live puzzle arcade game ilomilo. Makes me wish i wasn’t so anti-xbox.

via Boing Boing.