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SakoShopping: Fuji Instax 210 Wide Format Instant Camera

Man, I love photojojo. Check this out:

Instant photography is back. ūüėÄ

It uses 210 film, so it’s just a touch wider than the 600, but with vibrant colors and high quality. (Also, 210 is much easier to find.) It also comes with an attachable closeup lens, which i’m assuming is similar to the one that came on the JoyCam. Takes about 5 minutes to develop, and you don’t have to shake it or put it in your armpit or anything.

What’s even cooler is that it’s roughly 100 bucks with film, and you can get it straight through photojojo.

Via Instant Photos are Back! Presenting the Fuji Instax 210 Wide Format Instant Camera | Photojojo.


Sako Shopping:

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Sako Shopping: The Holding Company: Pantone Color Chairs

via Pantone Colour Chairs from The Holding Company.

Sako Shopping: The Nevis DSLR Camera Bag for Women

I kinda wish it had a shoulder strap, as i’d like the ability to use my elbows, but hey, this is i’m going to let my inner girl peak out as i so rarely do, and say that it’s super cute and i kind of want one.

via The Nevis DSLR Camera Bag for Women.

Sako Shopping/Case Study: Qlocktwo

I’d swear I invented this. WANT.

via Qlocktwo.

Sako Shopping: Octopus Pie: Take Your Best Shot Glasses

There aren’t a lot of webcomics that i keep up with, but i try my damnedest with Meredith Gran’s brilliant Octopus Pie.

Check out this amazing shot glass pack she sells! Want!

Buy them!

via the octopus pie store – Take Your Best Shot Glasses.

Case Study: Pikaland

We all do it: admit it.

via Review: Lists | Pikaland.