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This guy says what many of us designers can’t: “CS4 sucks immense ass: give us back CS3.”

I currently run Win7 and CS4 on my work laptop, and you know what? I can’t really work on it.

1) CS4 hates multitaskers. That retarded “tab image/whole new window if you drag it out” thing is some bullshit and i hate it, especially when editing batches of hundreds of pictures.

2) Poor WACOM is scrambling to figure out why the fuck their older drivers keep getting overlooked by CS4. They figured out in March how to make  my Intuos2 drivers work with Win7. Success! I pop open photoshop, and for some reason, my tablet only works in a tiny, 300×600 area tucked in the upper right corner of my 1366×768 screen. The pressure sensitivity, the buttons, everything else works, but for some reason, the span is doomed to never reach my layers palette. If i tab out of photoshop, my tablet works fine and dandy.

Thankfully, i’ve been lucky enough to have it not crash on me, but this poor guy has.

Godspeed, man. Godspeed.

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Adobe Vs. Apple

After the hububb over Steve jobs talking about how he feels about flash, Adobe released a campaign that hopes to turn the clientel back to PC.

Some apple fanboy replied:

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Case Study: Southend: ilomilo

go go gadget Swedish game company Southend with their xbox live puzzle arcade game ilomilo. Makes me wish i wasn’t so anti-xbox.

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Sensory Wristwatch: The coolest medical bracelet ever made | DVICE

I love this “the future is now” stuff that’s coming out. While i don’t have a tricorder app on my iphone yet, this is just as cool, and would certainly look better on my wrist.

It’s great for training athletes, as it measures your heart rate and will let you know when you dehydrate. It’s also great for people like my mom, and let her know that blood sugar is a little too high or low.

via Sensory Wristwatch: The coolest medical bracelet ever made | DVICE.