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Case Study: Vincent Giard: bol (director’s cut)

aencre » bol (director’s cut) (vincent giard).


Case Study: Chemical Party

via Elements Of Awesome – Epic Win FTW -Awesome Photos and Videos.

Case Study: RSA: Interesting Economic studies

Not only is this an interesting example of “dynamic typography”, but it has some interesting content too.

Check out more at The RSA Blog.

Yes, it’s art: Swiss Nuclear Protest.

A fascinating swiss environmental performance art piece that protests nuclear power. Hundreds of particpants succeed in scaring the sweet bajeezus out of unwitting passersby by suddenly dropping like flies, imitating what would happen during a nuclear meltdown. Spooky stuff, and certainly gets my applause.

via The Daily What.

Case Study: Imaginarium : Dia das Mães

Damn you, Vimeo, not playing well with WordPress. WordPress, take a hint from LJ. >.<

I’ve been wanting to do some paper cutout design since like, 2005, so i’m mildly annoyed that i’m seeing it all over advertising like white on rice, but for some reason, i like how this one is done.

via Imaginarium – Dia das Mães | animation 3d pop-up on Vimeo.

Case Study : Streetlight Manifesto : Would you be impressed?

Hit up Streetlight Manifesto \”Would you be impressed?\” on Vimeo.

Case Study: Southend: ilomilo

go go gadget Swedish game company Southend with their xbox live puzzle arcade game ilomilo. Makes me wish i wasn’t so anti-xbox.

via Boing Boing.