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Case Study: Mert: Lara Stone

What’s old is new again. For the September 2010 issue of Vogue, they’re rocking 50s fashion, and you know, some halfway snazzy pictures to boot.

Check out more at Lara Stone by Mert.


Case Study: Vincent Giard: bol (director’s cut)

aencre » bol (director’s cut) (vincent giard).

Case Study: So Much Pun: Somethin’ I Would Do.

Case Study: Erwin Olaf: Royal Blood

I’m a long time fan of Erwin Olaf, having posted some pretty work of his on my LJ quite some time ago.

As his site is entirely flash, and I don’t really feel like making the caps and space to feature him, i thought i’d just google him and post shitty versions of some of his Royal Blood set, and give you the main site.

check out some of his more recent stuff via STUDIO ERWIN OLAF.

Case Study: Martin Abel

I met this hip cat in the SG Chat room, and hey, it turns out he’s an illustrator, and a good one too.

via Martin Abel Official Website.

Case Study: Sean Phillips: Comics

Comics by Sean Phillips | Best Bookmarks.

Case Study: Andrew Osokin: Macro Photography

Check out more ridiculously awesome marcro photographere at Macro Photography By Andrew Osokin | Best Bookmarks.