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Case Study: My MET: Homer Simpson Eats iPhone Apple

Homer Simpson Eats iPhone Apple – My Modern Metropolis.


Case Study: Doughboy

It’s actually just a sample for a new free font, but i love it just the same.

You can actually get the font here: Doughboy – Free Font on the Behance Network.

Case Study: Vincent Giard: bol (director’s cut)

aencre » bol (director’s cut) (vincent giard).

Case Study: So Much Pun: Somethin’ I Would Do.

Hahaha: Jon Dyer: The Quest For Every Beard Type

So this guy grows a massive beard in the winter, and when spring comes, he wittles it down into several beards in an attempt to recreate every beard type known to man. Please hit the link and read the whole list, and see how many of the amazing beard list he’s actually completed.

via The Quest For Every Beard Type | Jon Dyer\’s Blog.

Case Study : Hahaha : Photoshop Day Cream

This reminds me of the campaign that Dove released a couple of years ago.

via The Daily What.

Hahaha: The Real Adobe Photoshop

via I Smell A Lawsuit!: The Real Adobe Photoshop – Geekologie.